Silver State Stainless have recently increased our production capacities to 40,000 gallons!  We are now limited only by transportation lane restrictions based on destination facility location.  This capability increase has been critical to our expansion into multiple industries and enhance our ability to deepen our value within existing markets.  By increasing and maximizing your storage and production volumes, you substantially reduce the cost per gallon of handled product.  Additionally, the cos ts associated with the fabrication of these larger tanks are actually LESS than their smaller volume counterparts due to the slab integration design (no leg kits to produce), economy of scale on the production floor, and value discounts of single coil run material.

Reduce your per gallon product storage and production costs by maximizing your volume and call Silver State Stainless today to discuss custom tank profiles to suit your facility space.  We also offer seismic engineering calculation services to ensure the tank you purchase is designed and outfitted with the correct anchor hardware suited to your specific seismic location.