Sanitary Process Tanks

Hygienic applications and sanitary processing projects have been a market focus for our business since its inception. From tomato paste, olive oil, and soy sauce facilities, to food and beverage packaging facilities and Covid research laboratories; the final product you receive from Silver State Stainless will hold up to the level of sanitary finish scrutiny that your customers and facility requirements demand.


Utilizing a handful of 300 series Austenitic stainless steels for their corrosion resistance, reduced pitting, and passivation qualities in harsh environments, is the standardized method of maintaining sanitary environments for your sensitive products, and the reason you have chosen stainless steel. But without the proper fabrication skill and finishing work, you may end up with a very expensive 316L stainless steel tank that still won’t suit your sanitary demands.


Producing cleanly finished welds and using correctly assigned, low-Ra, Austenitic materials achieves an easy to clean, reliable sanitary tank that will require very little service and produce safe, hygienic end products. Additionally, our network of field installers and service fabricators are suited to install accompanying process plumbing in 304/L and 316/L, along with more specialized material grades such as 254SMO and AL-6XN for more critical applications.

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